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Transcreation Agency
Human translation vs machine translation

April 3rd, 2023, 05.50pm

With more companies offering multi-channel content for worldwide audiences, the need for translation and localisation services is rising. A lot of people believe that improvements to auto-translation software and services are the solutions to these problems, but we take a different view. From our experience in translation and localisation, it should always be left to … Continued

READ MORE Translating For a Country, Not Just a Language

April 3rd, 2023, 05.15pm

With success, comes growth and expansion, and with the goal of any growing company to be globalisation, it should come as no surprise that expanding your product or service to be available to the global market should be one of your strongest objectives. However, as you may already know, broadening the reaches of your company to be accessible in different regions can … Continued

READ MORE Going Beyond Words, the “Art” of Art Asset Localisation

April 3rd, 2023, 05.24pm

The importance of good advertising is obvious, knowing your audience and what appeals to them should be paramount to your company. But when your intended audience consists of a huge customer base spread across many nationalities and ethnicities it becomes almost impossible to appeal to everyone, especially with a single unchanged campaign. And this is … Continued

READ MORE Glocalisation, the new globalisation

April 3rd, 2023, 05.59pm

The more efficient approach to ‘going global’. Pronounced Gee-localization, is the new term that defines a new way for companies to ‘go global’ and is a replacement to the latter term ‘globalisation’. Glocalisation is a concept that in a global market, a company would make a product or service more appealing to the local market … Continued

READ MORE Transcreation is different

April 3rd, 2023, 05.30pm

How transcreation differs from translation Anyone that works in the Transcreation industry, alongside translation, would know that it is not as simple as source, software and then output. A transcreator is a person that is, in a way a copywriter, that will not only translate the text but copy write the text into a new … Continued

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