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Glocalisation, the new globalisation

The more efficient approach to ‘going global’.

Pronounced Gee-localization, is the new term that defines a new way for companies to ‘go global’ and is a replacement to the latter term ‘globalisation’. Glocalisation is a concept that in a global market, a company would make a product or service more appealing to the local market by customising the product to suit the needs of where it is being sold.

The term is described as a ‘bottom-up’ approach and is defined as ‘the practice of conducting business according to both local and global considerations’. The idea is that by appealing to the needs of the local people, the product would become more successful. The other term ‘globalisation’ or ‘top-down’ approach is the complete opposite, meaning that a company would wish to sell in a foreign market by simply translating everything and just by putting it out there as it currently is, meaning it is less likely to be appealing.

Benefits of a bottom-up approach would always be more effective by allowing the local culture and lifestyle to affect how you shape the product or service to sell, making what you are marketing to be much more efficient in the long run. Many large companies will make this mistake, as it is the ‘quick and easy’ way to do things.

The idea should be adopted by all companies that wish to become successful globally. Here at Transcreation Agency we do exactly this, with many of our customers we work closely to help shape the end product for each individual market keeping a close eye on cultural change and making sure to do our homework to help convey the product or service to make sure it succeeds.


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