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Translating For a Country, Not Just a Language

With success, comes growth and expansion, and with the goal of any growing company to be globalisation, it should come as no surprise that expanding your product or service to be available to the global market should be one of your strongest objectives.

However, as you may already know, broadening the reaches of your company to be accessible in different regions can be a daunting and initially difficult task. We know you understand the difference between transcreation and translation for your business, but did you know that transcreation goes further than just an expertise of the language?

That’s right, what makes a localisation project successful is not just knowing the language, but having a firm grasp of the political climate, beliefs, culture, and in some cases (albeit extreme ones), the laws of the country or countries you intend to offer your content to. Having this knowledge can make the difference between a rewarding campaign and an expensive failure. And with the Transcreation Agency, we’ll be able to help you achieve your idealised business position in the global market thanks to our proficient cultural understanding.

For example, part of your marketing artwork may feature someone giving a “thumbs-up” gesture, which is meant to show satisfaction in the West, however, this same gesture is considered highly offensive in some Middle Eastern countries. In a similar vein, references to very specific British cultural elements may not make much sense in other places in the world.

The Transcreation Agency specialises in not just marketing localisation, but market knowledge and awareness thanks to our brilliant team of in-house specialists who can provide specialised results perfectly formed for each and every market.

If you are looking to expand your business globally or need help breaking into a specific new locale, contact the Transcreation Agency today for information on what our services can do for you and your business.


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