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Going Beyond Words, the “Art” of Art Asset Localisation

The importance of good advertising is obvious, knowing your audience and what appeals to them should be paramount to your company. But when your intended audience consists of a huge customer base spread across many nationalities and ethnicities it becomes almost impossible to appeal to everyone, especially with a single unchanged campaign. And this is where the Transcreation Agency can help you.

As you know, transcreation is an important part of a company’s marketing, as revenue grows so does the scale of your business. Because of this, who you offer your product or service to can become more diverse every day. Translating text can be a hard enough task as it is, but did you know that localisation goes beyond text?

While making sure to carry over your written message to audience, it is also important that any visual elements of your advertising be localised as well. Here at the Transcreation Agency, we can advise you on the look and feel of a creative asset, to ensure that your business is accepted and resonates in the local market.

As an example of art asset localisation, take a look at the screenshot from the UK website for Bayer below. The hero image features two models who would be regarded as reflective of native English speakers.

In comparison, the Japanese website features a different hero image.

As you can see, transcreation of image assets can be as important as text localisation when offering your service to different audiences.

With the help of our specialists the Transcreation Agency can offer you an unparalleled localised product, providing both text and asset localisation.

If you are interested in working with some of our transcreation experts, contact us today for information on what our services can do for your business.


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