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Human translation vs machine translation

With more companies offering multi-channel content for worldwide audiences, the need for translation and localisation services is rising.

A lot of people believe that improvements to auto-translation software and services are the solutions to these problems, but we take a different view. From our experience in translation and localisation, it should always be left to the professionals.

Auto-translation works, to an extent. It works for tourists who need a basic grasp of words and phrases or for people who want the general gist of an article. However, when it comes to your products and services, translation and localisation must be viewed as the whole marketing package. There’s nothing worse than a badly translated article and your customers will immediately be aware that it is machine translated. Customers don’t want this – they want to buy from a company who take the time to localise their products and content for each of their markets.

That’s why you need a design agency to perform localisation and translation as part of your campaign. We will ensure that your message isn’t diluted or, worse, completely lost in translation. Contact us today for further information on our localisation and translation services and see the difference for yourself.


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