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Why marketing and language must go hand in hand for true transcreation.

Translation and transcreation are definitely part of the same family, but as sisters rather than twins. Despite appearing similar on the outside, exploring their differences shows the importance of transcreation over translation, and what good transcreation can do for your brand internationally.

Establishing a campaign and watching it grow from a tiny idea into blossoming success is any businesses dream, but translating it for a global market can soon turn into a nightmare if you don’t take in to account the differences that occur between different markets and audiences.

Anyone could technically translate with the help of dictionaries or the internet, but without understanding the grammar of a second language, a word for word translation is unlikely to make sense, let alone be a compelling and engaging piece of work. Even the best campaigns in one language can translate incredibly poorly into another, shattering any illusion of professionalism in the first line. A key understanding of both languages, plus a cultural awareness is especially important for translating puns, metaphors and phrases and avoiding unintentionally offending your audience before you get a chance to market your campaign.

But even the best translators need to be marketing savvy to properly deliver a marketing campaign. Writing persuasively and emotively, setting the right tone is a skill in itself and can be the difference between a quick glance and a lasting impression which ultimately lead to the success of your campaign. Misunderstanding an audience and the best way to communicate to them creates a barrier between your product and potential customers or clients, resulting in your message quite literally lost in translation.

Changing words into another language is simply not enough; the message behind the brand must be conveyed too. Only once language and marketing techniques equally match is true transcreation born.

If you have a translation or transcreation project that you need a hand with then get in touch with the transcreation agency to see how we can help with your on and off-line requirements.


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