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Why is strong branding important for transcreation?

Transcreation isn’t about translating word for word; it is about interpreting the essence of a brand and selling it to a global audience.  One of the key factors in a seamless transcreation is a strong brand identity that promotes your values clearly and easily to audiences.

Advertising and marketing is simply selling the ideals and key messages a brand stands for, and decorating it with a literary bow to make it digestible for audiences. This is almost a transcreation of converting business jargon into a language potential customers and client find appealing, and it is the same principle for language transcreation.

A company lacking with brand values, will struggle to convey this in their early campaigns. If a customer doesn’t understand your intended message quickly, in sometimes seconds they can lose interest, and if you can’t sell yourself in your native language, promoting your values into a second will prove a goliath task. If your customers can correctly sum up in a sentence what they believe your brand to be, it will transcreate to global audiences far easier too.

By assessing brand values, the process of converting them to make them culturally relevant in another language is easier, as it offers more flexibility than a standard translation service. For example British jokes about the weather probably wouldn’t translate to a Spanish audience, however an understanding of both cultures means a second cultural reference could still deliver the same message as the original document, despite completely different literal translations.

We work not by translating words for a global audience, but establishing the core values of your brand and rewriting them for different cultures, creating the same brand identity for your business across different languages and cultures. If you have a project that you believe will benefit this service, contract the transcreation agency and we can guide you through your online and offline requirements.

If you have transcreationtranslation or localisation requirements then get in touch with the transcreation agency to see how we can help.


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