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The benefits of transcreation over straight translation

So, as we all know, transcreation can offer a great deal of added value over straight up, normal translation. It can help you to truly drive home the focus of your brand in every single piece of marketing material and literature your company produce. But why specifically should you opt for transcreation over straight translation, and what quantifiable benefits could doing so bring to your business and your international expansion efforts?

Well…we are very glad you have asked!

You see, by translating the essence of what you are saying, rather than exactly translating the message word for word, the translator (or transcreationist as we like to call ourselves) is able to inject the desired tone right into the heart of your marketing message.

The use of language is one of the most powerful, persuasive and thought provoking tools in any marketers arsenal – as I am sure many of you here will agree. And knowing a language inside out rather than just from a text book, allows our local language experts to carry that brand image that you worked so tirelessly to build up, and inject it into the very heart of your translated marketing literature.

Here at Transcreation Agency, we hear countless stories of international marketing strategies – and well thought out, incredibly detailed and well designed marketing strategies at that – falling on deaf ears in the organisations new target markets. More often than not, these failings can be attributed to the company’s failure to really understand the countries or territories they are aiming to break into.

It really all comes down to this simply fact. Anyone can learn a language; but to learn the spirit and the mindset of the people who live and breathe that language every day…well, that takes a lifetime of experience, and it is not just something that can be picked up with the occasional evening class and a couple of online podcasts.

It may sound harsh, or somewhat brutal when put as bluntly as that, but rather you find out this way than learn that lesson the hard way. A failed international marketing campaign can have devastating consequences, far beyond the reach of the initial burnt cash. If you get your marketing message wrong, or fail to articulate your brand and company values correctly the first time around, you might as well forget about ever breaking into that particular country. We’re all experienced marketing professionals here and we all know full well that repairing and cleaning up after a failed and abandoned marketing campaign is far, far tougher than taking the time out to get it right the first time around.

Your vision of a multinational company and a truly global brand, can only be recognised with the help of transcreation specialists with on the ground experience at living and working in those fresh, new countries that you are aiming to target.

If your looking to break into new markets then why not give the transcreation agency a call to see how we can help.


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